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A convention of more than 8 thousand years of age was conceived on Anatolian soil. Water, earth furthermore fire met up 8000 years back in Anatolia and the first earthenware centerpieces in history rose up out of Anatolia. After Turks came to Anatolia, first Seljuks later Ottomans kept this recorded legacy alive. Today ceramic convention proceeds with Turkish clay product. Turkish handcrafted Ceramics, tiles and carefully assembled ceramics work takes after the custom. They present advanced workmanship thoughts and plans that convey the customary insider facts of Turkish handcrafted ceramics and stoneware. There are numerous little shops of a wide range of earthenware production (mugs, hanging lights, plates, sugar bowls, gems boxes, containers, vases…) which exhibits world celebrated finest cases of the finest nature of conventional and present day Turkish carefully assembled ceramics and fired expressions all over in Istanbul.

They are extremely brilliant and pleasant for keepsakes and blessings. High quality ceramics convey the mark of its producer.

Excellent carefully assembled tiles may be seen in amount in the majestic and religious structures of Istanbul today, in light of the fact that after the victory of Constantinople in 1453, the Ottoman sultans began an enormous building project. For instance The Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul (the Blue Mosque) contains 20,000 tiles which are as yet sparkling. The Topkapi Palace and The Rüstem Pasha Mosque, the Tomb of Hurrem Sultan, the Tomb of Suleyman I, the Mosque of Sokullu Mehmed Pasa, the Mosque of Piyale Pasa and the Valide Atik Mosque are additionally tiled.

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